Annual Concert

Every year we hold a performance in November involving the whole school, showcasing the students’ talents and skills learnt during the year. In the fourth term, extra rehearsals are required to assemble all students into one large item. Performing is an important aspect for a dancer and so it is an exciting time of year for all. Please be aware that we hire costumes to parents in an attempt to keep the cost to a minimum, however Eisteddfod students will have to buy their costumes for use in competitions.

2nd Hand Clothes

Parents can join our Facebook Group to advertise 2nd hand clothes and shoes for sale, or purchase directly from other families. You can request to join this group via our Facebook Page.

Parent Watching Days

Parents and friends are invited to view any of our dance classes in the last week of Term 1 & 2. These classes are designed for you to see the progress of your child or the development of the levels through-out the school.
Aside from watching days, parents are not permitted to watch classes as it is distracting for both the teacher and students. Please also refrain from speaking with the teacher between classes as this takes time out of the following lesson. Direct any enquiries to the Principal between 9.00 am – 3.00 pm.


The Uniform is available from Bloch Stores at Hornsby or Centrestage Dancewear at Seven Hills. Ballet shoes can also be purchased from MDM Dancewear. The Performing Arts uniform is available directly from our Dance School.

General Information

  1. Hair is to be worn neatly tied back with no loose fringes and in a bun for ballet
  2. No jewellery or watches are permitted as they are dangerous when dancing
  3. Students are to come to class with the correct uniform. Excess clothing must be removed prior to the lesson.
  4. It is suggested that students bring a named bottle of water with them to class to re-hydrate.
  5. Students will not be released from class until a parent or guardian is seen by the teacher. This is for their safety, and we ask for parents’ co-operation in this matter.
  6. No food or chewing gum is to be consumed as it may lead to choking
  7. Students who wish to be considered for Eisteddfods must attend their regular dance class as well as the extra Eisteddfod Class per week.
  8. Ballet exams are not compulsory, and students will be offered the opportunity to take their exam based on the teacher’s analysis of their capabilities, otherwise assessments are offered as an alternative.
  9. Students in Grade 1-4 must do a minimum of two (2) ballet classes per week, and three (3) classes for Grade 5 upwards, for the whole year, if they wish to take their ballet exam.