Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are the classes?

Pre-School class sizes are capped at 16, all other classes are capped at 20. Where there are assistant teachers in the class, this number may be exceeded dependant on the age of the children and their ability level. 

Q. Who are the teachers and what is their training?

All our teachers have qualifications or professional industry experience. Our teachers all hold current First Aid Certificates and have Working With Children Checks. You can read more about our staff here

Q. Can we watch classes?

We hold parent watching days in the last week of Term 1 and Term 2, for you to observe your child’s progress. Outside of this time, parents are asked to wait outside the studio. Parents who have a child attending their first lesson are welcome to sit-in and watch the class. Please limit this viewing to 1 parent only. 

Q. Do you provide the uniform?

The Pre-School, Kindy and Performing Arts uniform (Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acro, Modern, Contemporary) is available for order and purchase directly from our office. Dance shoes and tights should be purchased from a dance specific store such as Centerstage Dancewear, Bloch, MDM, Ballet Stuff etc. The Ballet uniform should be purchased from a dance store. We have a 2nd Hand clothing and shoes group linked to our Facebook Page where you can advertise or buy directly from other families.

Q. Are the students required to do exams?

We hold exams for ballet through Cecchetti Ballet Australia. Ballet exams are available from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2 level. Exams are not compulsory however most students will work towards participating in the exam as a goal for each year and to receive feedback from qualified state and interstate examiners. 

Q. My child has been studying ballet at another school in a higher grade. Can they join at the current level they are learning?

Each dance school has its own method of categorising a students level, whether by age, ability, year at school or other. Students progress through our levels by year grade and it is strongly advisable that they join at the correct level for their age, especially if they have been learning a different ballet syllabus. We are more than happy to assess a student at their first lesson and advise if it is the correct level for their ability.

Q. Can I enrol term by term?

Studying dancing requires a long-term commitment. Students must learn and master technique for their level through repetition and discipline to the art form to continue to progress. Each year finishes with a showcase of the students learning for the year in our Annual Concerts. Performing is the highlight of the year for the children and seeing out this commitment is important and a wonderful experience. Students enrol for the full year. If your child feels they no longer wish to continue, please advise us in writing prior to the end of the current term so that we can offer their place to a new student.

Q. Do you offer free trials?

No. Your child is welcome to try the class prior to finalising enrolment and if they enjoy the lesson and choose to continue, you will receive an invoice for the remaining classes in the term including the trial lesson. If they don’t wish to continue, there is no charge to you. 

Q. My child missed their lesson due to sickness. Can we have a make-up lesson?

Yes. Please contact your teacher or our office to arrange a make-up class for your child. This make-up class must be taken within 2 weeks of the absence. 

Q. What happens if I can’t pay my fees?

Please contact Denise Utz prior to the due date on the invoice to discuss options and arrange a payment plan.

Q. What is your fee policy?

Fees are non-refundable once paid. Invoices are issued via our Family Portal. Fees are due and payable in advance of each term. Fees outstanding after the 2nd week of Term will incur a $20 late fee. If any fees are unpaid for a period in excess of 30 days from the commencement date of term we shall have the right to exclude a student from attending classes and/or take debt recover proceedings. Full information can be found in our Policies and Terms of Enrolment document and Fee Information. 

Q. What are the costs?

Term fees, uniform and dance shoes, concert costume hire fee (1 per class), concert levy which includes the concert digital download ($60), as well as concert tickets and concert photos (which are optional).

Q. I have just submitted an enrolment form. How do I know my child has been accepted?

We will contact you via email after processing the enrolment to confirm your child’s place. On receipt, you will be asked to pay a $40 new student enrolment fee to confirm their place in the class. If we don’t receive payment of the enrolment fee, your child’s place may be given away.