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Eisteddfods are dance competitions involving other dance schools in the wider Sydney area. Students compete on stage before an adjudicator and audience and receive a report on their performance. Places and trophies are given to the best performers in each section.

Eisteddfod groups and solos are offered by this school to students who are capable and willing to commit to an extra class per week. Students will need to purchase their costumes as there are approximately 4-6 Eisteddfods per year, plus our annual Concert. Invitations are sent out at the end of Term 4 each year.



New in 2017. We formed a group of dancers in a ‘Company’. These students will be invited to join based on their commitment and dedication as well as high level of ability. This elite stream will aim to extend our best dancers by offering them classes with different teachers once a month, and a focus on choreography in different dance styles.