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Baby Ballet ®

Movers – 3 & 4 years 

Encouraging Pre-School children to use their imagination while learning ballet fundamentals through enhanced movement and song. Focusing on developing gross motor skills, basic ballet, rhythm and confidence, this class helps children feel comfortable with their own natural ability and their surroundings. Increased dancing and imagination are learnt in a fun environment with singing along to music, helping to build basic principles and social skills that will serve them well as they approach school age.


Groovers – 4 & 5 years

As your child develops and learns about the world around them, these classes will focus on improving co-ordination, self control and ballet technique in a non-competitive environment. This class takes children to a higher level of musical ability, balance, posture and confidence – and is designed for children who love to dance and learn ballet, but don’t want to feel intimidated by joining a competitive class. There is the addition of a 15 minute tap component to teach children rhythm and inspire them to move to upbeat music available for some classes.


Baby Ballet Combo Class – 4 & 5 years

30 minutes ballet and 15 minutes tap. Tap shoes are hired to the students for $5 per term and are kept at the studio.


Wiggle and Groove – 3, 4 & 5 years

Do you have a Pre-school aged child who can’t stand still and loves to dance to pop music? This fun class is a fusion of basic jazz and hip hop.


Here are six of the skills our babyballet® stars develops in class: 
    In class, our babyballet® stars develop their coordination and balancing skills, eventually learning to stand on one leg, jump, hop and skip.
    Our babyballet® stars are encouraged to stay on their spots and focused on their teacher. This develops their listening skills, increases their attention span, and ability to focus on a task.
    By learning the Ballet basics, babyballet® stars enhance their posture and learn to move gracefully.
    By incorporating babyballet® characters such as Twinkle Bear, Teddy Bear and Flutterstar the Fairy into the class stories and activities, babyballet® stars are encouraged to use their imagination while dancing.
    With fun movements like hand claps and marches, babyballet® stars learn to find a beat and dance to the rhythm of the music.
    Most importantly, babyballet® classes are a safe place for our babyballet® stars to meet new friends and for their parents to meet like-minded people too.